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Forteto della Luja

Forteto della Luja - Prince Wine Store

Forteto della Luja

The wines of Forteto della Luja somehow convey a sense of not having been
manhandled. What I call "tenderness" comes not from one particular philosophy,
but rather from a larger sensibility of deference. MATT

There are few more interesting and life-affirming
visits in the wine world than a visit to the tiny (and I mean small) estate of
Forteto della Luja in Italy's smallest DOC, Loazzolo. The leading estate in a
DOC of just seven producers (5 hectares) Forteto della Luja has been
owned and run by the Scaglione family for generations and is currently in
the hands of Gianni assisted by his rather famous father Giancarlo
(professor and maker of Bricco dellUcceone Barbera). Amongst other things, the
farm is listed by the World Wildlife Fund as an Oasis because it houses some of
the original Piemontese flora not found many other places including a rare black
orchid. There are no chemicals used here and the vineyards are worked by a rare
breed of Appennine horses. You get the picture, its a cool

Here they make Barbera, a blended Barbera Pinot Noir (pinot
noir has traditionally been grown for the sparkling wine trade operating out of
nearby Canelli) called Le Grive, a stunning Brachetto and of course the rare and
famous Piasa Richeri Loazzolo - a wine made from late-picked, air dried Moscato
grapes. There are only 230 cases made each year and it is mind-blowingly good
wine. As the Italian's would say, its a meditation wine; somethign to be sipped
and thought about.