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Riedel - Prince Wine Store


On completing a blind tasting with a range of Riedel glassware leading American Winemaker Robert Mondavi had the following response. 

‘Do whatever you want with our glasses, break them if necessary, but replace them immediately with the Riedel glasses once they arrive…there was no excuse for the winery to use glasses that offer an expression of his wines that was inferior to their potential’ ROBERT MONDAVI 1989

It is incredible the impact that a glass has on the perception given by any given wine. We feel that the Riedel series of stemware is the leading wine glassware in the world. Always innovating and developing there range to keep abreast of changes in wine making and consumer trends. It is a revelation to compare the same wine out of different glassware.

Georg Riedel’s stemware has revolutionized the way we see glasses and made us aware of the potential this simple receptacle has for making the wine we’re drinking even more memorable than it might otherwise have been. His philosophy of making each glass differently to complement the specific characteristics of each different variety may seem simple enough, but no-one had ever thought to do it before and it now seems silly to think that it should have ever been different.

Georg Riedel himself still travels the world preaching the gospel according to well…him, carrying out simple but effective demonstrations of the remarkable impact a glass can have on the aromatic and tasting pleasure of any wine. Those who have been to these seminars emerge as if they have experienced a St Paul-like conversion and are forevermore convinced of the benefits of using Riedel glassware.

Well chosen and cellared wine deserves the right glassware and the Riedel range has a glass for almost all occasions.

Prince Wine Store is proud to exclusively use and stock the Riedel glassware and our feature glass cabinet in the South Melbourne Store is a unique display of almost the entire Riedel Range.