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Sangiovese Mini Expo Sydney

Sangiovese Mini Expo Sydney - Prince Wine Store

Sangiovese Mini Expo Sydney

SATURDAY JUNE 25th  12pm - 2pm

This royal variety has been basking in the glory of the Mediterranean sun for 100's of years. Its history is somewhat of a mystery with whispers of its Roman roots and Estruscan lineage hotly debated. Whatever its origins, it has firmly cemented its place as one Italy's greatest reds. Its versatility is widely prized able to express a myriad of styles based on varying climates and terroirs.

Chianti presents some of the most diverse drinking from any single region that grows the variety. Its sensitivity to place is highlighted here perhaps more than anywhere else. Further south and closer to the Mediterranean coast sangiovese changes form, with the more open and exposed vineyard sites soaking up the warm summer sun building flesh, pitching a darker and richer fruit profile while areas like Montecucco provide a more rustic and earthy charm.

We love this wonderful grape in all its guises and while plantings in Australia and other countries increase we continue to look to its home in Italy for the most outstanding, complex and profound examples. From perfect trattoria quaffers through to some of the most sort after bottlings in the world it, offers a range of fascinating drinking that only a handful of varieties provide.

Join us Saturday for a wonderfully diverse selections of sangiovese from its spiritual home in Italy.