Marsilea Premier Bobal 2018

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
A family-owned winery and cellar; 60 hectares of vineyards around the small village of Sinarcas, on an 800-metre high plateau inland from Valencia and close to the border with Castilla-La Mancha, surrounded by a pine forest. Sebastian Mancebo makes terrific organic wines mostly from native Bobal, alongside alternatives like Gew├╝rztraminer.

Vines are typically more than 40 years old and planted at altitudes of 900 meters. The grapes are hand-sorted before the fermentation and the partially crushed grapes are then subjected to low temperature for the extraction of primary, fruit aromas. The fermentation is done at low temperatures (18┬║C) in temperature with no oak.

A brilliant cherry-red colour, of medium intensity and purplish highlights. It has a bouquet of wild flowers and a salty minerality, typical of the regions' soils. Forceful yet velvety on the palate. Fruity with notes of blackberries, it hides a slight bitterness that balances the fruit, with a persistent and long finish. PWS