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Alternative Australia 6-Pack 2021

Alternative Australia 6-Pack 2021
Selected by Prince Wine & Spirits

The positive evolution of the Australian wine scene over the past decade has been nothing short of astonishing. That pace of change has been most evident in our growing interest on varietals outside the mainstay of the French ‘classics’ our industry was built on.

The ever increasing interest from consumers, growers and winemakers for so-called ‘alternative varietals’ are contributing to an ever thrilling and vibrant wine scene that is being expressed through a uniquely Australian lens.

With global warming an ever-increasing concern, Mediterranean varietals from countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal have been leading the way with their ability to retain freshness and energy from an increasingly warming climate.

Other winemakers are taking their hands to even more obscure varieties from Austria, Greece and even Georgia to name just a few. With over 100 different varieties grown over 65 wine regions the not-so-quiet revolution is adding to an already exciting scene.

We are proving once again that we are a world-class drinking destination driven by innovation, a thirst for excellence and a down-top-earth sense of fun.

It's never been a better time to explore all that Australian wine has to offer.  From gruner veltliner, greco, fiano and arinto to tempranillo, touriga, and aglianico this is a great way to take the path not so well-trodden.