Adelaide Hills Distillery Gunnery Spiced Rum (700ml)

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Adelaide Hills Distillery wanted to produce a spiced white spirit that wasn’t driven by vanilla and sweetness, eschewing artificial flavours and aromatics in favour of natural ingredients with a mature approach. An expression of Australia, the Gunnery Australian Spiced uses pot distilled distillates from both sugar cane and molasses, and blends Australian native ingredients with traditional spices.

A superb combination of Australian native and traditional botanicals. Cinnamon myrtle shines through on the nose with hints of chocolate, vanilla and citrus. The palate is savoury and refined with a lingering hazelnut finish. Slightly sweetened with bush honey and Australian demerara sugar.

Citrus | Riverland orange and lemon aspen
Cinnamon Myrtle | Sweet cinnamon-like aroma
Bush Tomato | Savoury, rich, lingering sun dried fruits
Native Pepper Berry | Organic herbal tones
Locally Roasted Coffee Beans | Vanilla | Bush Honey