Aldo Viola Terre Siciliane Syrah "Guarini" 2013

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Yes, of course, I know: starting with a syrah from North-West Sicily could sound a bit provoking after all, with all those South-East Australian shirazes you guys have down under there… but I do like challenges, and Aldo Viola is by far the Rhôniest  of all Italian attempts at this beautiful grape - zero sulphites added, freshness, crispiness, graphite, and a touch of madness. The entry level wine (label with ladybird and green leaf) is matured in stainless steel vats only, whereas the "Plus" version is aged in French oak tonneaux (Aldo's training as both winedrinker and winemaker was heavily inspired by Southern France style, he actually got his vine cuttings in Tain l'Hermitage…). TABARRO