Bellenda Sei Uno Prosecco Metodo Classico DOCG 2017

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
The Bellenda crew are a bunch of crazy cats trying to start a small revolution in Prosecco. They are hell-bent on upping the quality. Firstly the property is located in the DOCG zone on the hills surrounding Carpesica, the heart of quality in the region, where as the bulk standard prosecco you see littering shelves all over the world tends to be grown down on the flats outside of the traditional area.

Umberto is very quick to make a couple points, they are organic and have been since before it was a fashion statement and a marketing tool. They drastically restrict the yields, Glera in particular is very vigorous and this allows those mass producing Prosecco to achieve yields that should make a wine grower blush.

They also use traditional method production compared to the usual tank method employed by most wineries. The result is a much finer and delicate prosecco with plenty of flavour and fine,