Bera Barbera d’Alba 2019

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
The vineyard has been the heart of the philosophy at Bera since the first generation began tending the rolling hills of Neviglie just south of Barbaresco township in the 50's. Now the estate owns just over 30 hectares of prime growing land around the communes of Neviglie, Neive and Barbaresco, with the incredible new addition of perhaps the most revered vineyard in all of Barbaresco; Rabaja.

In the winery the production remains simple, honest and traditionalist Piemontese; long macerations, large neutral oak and minimal intervention, with the aim of expressing the earth and the air of the Langhe in every one of the wines produced here.

We have always been big fans of the Barberra and while they Barbaresco is great and no doubt the Moscato their flagship we can't get enough of this wine. Ther is a nice focuse to the spicy wild fruits that mingle between dark berry and red crunchy and wild. The typical soft, fleshy palate that glides along to a satisfying finish. PWS