Campo Flores Tinto 2018

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke undertook a journey to find the unsung heroes of Spain, when creating the Campo Flores brand. Each bought their passion and knowledge to the table whether it was Fergal's interest in wine terroirs or Giles' instincts they wanted to tell the stories of all that Spain's terroirs had to offer. The wines are hand-made, each reflecting and respecting the custodians of each of land they are born from.

The Campo Flores is 100% Organic Tempranillo and Syrah from La Mancha. Not that we like to shop by label (but lets admit we often doo) but its everything you expect it to be. Bright, fun and easy to get along with. Red berry, raspberry fruit pitted with spice and flecked with white pepper. Its juicy, long and plush with some fine grain tannins running the land of the palate. No need to think on this too hard, just sit back and enjoy. PWS