Clos Clare Riesling 2014

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Despite our worst fears of Christmas lock-in, I'll be heading bush with a boot full of presents and a case of the brilliant Clos Clare 2014 Riesling. Between myself and the extended family, we will make short work of it. Hand-harvested from dry-grown 50yo vines on the iconic Florita Vineyard at Watervale, this regal lady is aging beautifully.

Aromas of fresh cut apple, lemon curd, white peach, pink grapefruit and heady florals on the nose, with lifted floral notes of honeysuckle & orange blossom, lead into a toasty palate showing some gently aged-Riesling flavours. A brilliant match to the classic festive-season aromas of sunscreen, smoked ham, and freshly popped Christmas Crackers crackers. The wine shows a superlative structure, racy acid, and a long and elegant finish. Nice labels too. Head to your nearest sun-drenched verandah, open a book, and drink by the gulpful.  And it's price means if someone else finds your peaceful corner, you won't mind sharing. EFFIE