Dark Matter Spiced Rum (700ml)

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
This is far from your average Rum. Firstly, it is Scotland's first and only Rum, made in a purpose built distillery in Banchory, between the Cairngorms and Aberdeen. Two brothers, Jim and John Ewan are behind the project and brought in Cory Mason - ex-Rum distiller at New York State's Berkshire Mountain Distillers (to name one of his many exploits) - to help them set things up. The result is a remarkable spiced rum made with only the finest, fresh ingredients and an attention to detail that the big boys can only dream about.

Dark Matter's infusion takes in a swathe of hand sliced fresh ginger, fresh green peppercorns (plucked by hand from their stalks), hand crushed, allspice berries, and Indian long pepper (a close relative of black pepper with a similar but spicier personality). Finally, to impart the ideal balance of sweet and spice, 60 g/l molasses is added. It is from this latter addition, and the spice infusion, Dark Matter takes its colour - no caramel colour is added. The quality and freshness of the ingredients creates a huge whack of intense ginger and spice and the class of the molasses creates a texture and a class that is unique in this style of rum, in our experience.