Dodds Gin (500ml)

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Distilled in Battersea, south London, this is named after Ralph Dodd, an early nineteenth-century entrepreneur whose many schemes included the creation of the London Distillery Company. The venture failed - indeed Dodd was taken to court for his innovative notion to issue transferable shares - but his sprit lingered on. So when the brand new London Distillery Company started producing gin in 2013, it was called Dodd's. The bulk of the botanicals, including the honey, are distilled in a copper pot still, while the more delicate ones are cold distilled in a vacuum still. The two streams are then blended and married before bottling.

The nose is creamy, then a leafy shiso-like aroma emerges with fat fruits behind. In time there is subtle juniper, a menthol hit, some celery, and sweetness. The mouth feel is very silky, which distracts you initially from the high, fresh and brightly warm perfume. You're inside the pine forest eating ras el hanout baklava. DAVID BROOM, Gin: The Manual