La Morandina Barbera d'Asti 2017

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  • South Melbourne
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An extraordinary family and estate, centuries in development, with Barbera vines well over 100 years of age and some of the oldest, best and most distinctive Moscato vineyards in Piedmont. A visit with the chisel-jawed Guilio Morando is one of the most charming in Italy. His estate is almost entirely sustained by the solar and heat energy generated and captured in the day to day running of the winery.

La Morandina’s terroir is superlative and incredibly idiosyncratic. In this estate strict organic practices have been utilized for over 30 years, in fact only natural manure and compost are used. Leguminous plants are sown between the rows and biological control is normally used against pests. Furthermore, Giulio and Paolo Morando closely collaborate with the University of Turin, where their uncle Albino has taught viticulture for many years, and a considerable amount of research work is carried out at the La Morandina vineyards and winery.

The estate offers a wonderful Barbera d’Asti, from some very old vines: husky and riddled with spice, these are pure examples of this rich soil, originating from the Miocene Epoch during which the Alps continued rising from the sea (fossilized shells can still be found in the ground). A classic example of traditional wines made with modern thinking, the essence of La Morandina.