Lighthouse Gin 2010 700ml

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Lighthouse Gin is the brainchild of Neil Catherall. Born and raised in Masterton, Neil was a beer man and worked as chief engineer at New Zealand Breweries in the 1970's, before spending the next 20 years in finance until he retired with his wife to Greytown in 2001.

Handcrafted in Martinborough, Lighthouse Gin draws its name from the iconic Cape Palliser lighthouse on the southernmost tip of the North Island of New Zealand. Each hand-crafted and hand-distilled batch of Lighthouse Gin contains a unique blend of pure mountain spring water with individually distilled botanicals, including hand zested New Zealand navel oranges and Yen Ben lemons, with hints of native botanicals including Kawa Kawa, to create a batch distilled premium Dry Gin.

Double distilled in a 200 litre copper pot, each batch has its own subtle flavour, but carries the signature Lighthouse style, which may be best appreciated in a dry martini or in a refreshingly flavoursome gin and tonic.

A modern gin profile with Yen Ben Lemon and orange zest that really marks it stamp on this gin. Lovely brine and coriander notes that offset the decidedly citrus twang through a viscous and smooth palate. Nice balance and freshness, new world gin for sure that lingers oh-so pleasantly.