Lini 910 Lambrusco

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Forget any preconception of Lambrusco as the sweet industrialised stuff that your parents may have known. Or some of the poor local versions that continue to denigrate the great and proud reputation of one of Italy's classic wine styles. \n\nEstablished in 1910, Lini is a family run-winery - Alicia Lini is the fourth generation winemaker - producing a range of Lambruschi that are elegant, vibrant, complex, refreshing and dry versions that shine with simple foods such as cured meats and antipasti. TREMBATH & TAYLOR\n\nLini 910 makes excellent Lambrusco and has only recently been available in Australia. Its dar red and enticing with loads of big bubbles as soon as its poured although they dissipate quickly. There is plenty of red berry fruit, smoky, savoury with some grippy tannins offset by cleansing acidity and a fresh finish. JANE FAULKNER, The Age\n