Luis Perez Caberrubia Fino NV Saca II, Palomino Fino

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
It's a blend, without solera, of 4 vintages of statically-aged Carrascal Fino … selection material which does not make it into La Barajuela (below). It's based on 45 year old bush vines, yielding just 5 tonnes/ha, from hard, laminated barajuelas. The highly selected fruit is picked in early September and has about 6 hours of soleo. Only 35% of the free run juice is taken. Without racking, it's set to age in oak casks, undergoing natural fermentation well into December. In February, the young wine is pressed off lees and classified. The Finos are placed in almost topped bota, thus limiting the growth of flor, instead emphasising the input of Corregidor's soil aromas. Each cask is monitored and drained-or-filled to precisely regulated the desired influence of yeast in the wine style TSA

There is a new NV Fino Caberrubia, the Fino that shows the style of the winery, and they plan to make different blends of different vintages that won't be blended and aged in barrel together: all vintages are kept separate and then blended for bottling. This first bottling, which shows no bottling date or any information, is a blend of two casks from 2016, one from 2015, two from 2014 and one from 2013, and all the wines are kept in barrel with lees. It finishes with esparto and nutty flavors. (93) LUIS GUTIÉRREZ, The Wine Advocate