Ministry of Clouds Grenache 2014

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Fruit source is based around a 65-or-so year old vineyard in McLaren Vale and orchestrated to bottle by (former?) wine marketers Bernice Ong and Julian Forwood, based in South Australia. They’ve got a range of wines that spans Clare Valley, McLaren Vale and Tasmania. Unusual combo, but hey, modern world.
Ripe cherry, Cherry Ripe, raspberry, rose petal, cranberry, nougat scents. Creamy in texture, plush, good feel then zingy acidity to close. Has an amplitude; a cuddly pillow of fruit that cinches up to lemony zing, which sort of distracts. Cedar notes clatter around too. A comely wine, with ease of drinking, you just note that it’s not quite seamless. Still, there’s pleasure here.  MIKE BENNIE April 2016