Palama Kala Negroamaro 2017


  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Cosimo Palamà and his family have a long tradition of winemaking in Cutrofiano, Puglia, located almost the furthest south you can get in the "heel" of Italy's boot. Cosimo makes very traditional Pugliese wines which are consistently delicious and amazing value for money in a pure and fresh style. They let the variety shine here with very little, if any tricked-up winemaking.

The bouquet delivers a ripe personality with prune, raisin, and dark fruit flavours. Still that dark cherry hit with a little cherry cola or blackcurrant liqueur on top. This has chewy, sweet, soft, and velvety tannins that carry this wine along nicely. While traditionally styled these definitely head in a brighter fresher direction that we are starting see more commonly for these southern varieties - and we like it! PWS