Pol Roger 375ml

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  • South Melbourne
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Stepping into Pol Roger's production facility in Epernay is like entering a different world.  'We call this the kitchen, ' introduced Laurent d'Harcourt, recently promoted Managing Director of the company.  This was not like any kitchen I'd ever seen.  Immaculately polished stainless steel tanks perfectly reflected shiny white tiles and snow-white surfaces.  It was if we were entering a brain surgery until or a NASA assembly room, and I had an uneasy feeling that I might be asked to don a body suit, lest I contaminate this precision machine with a single molecule of foreign material.  I have been buying Pol Roger for decades, but it was not until that moment that everything about this celestial estate suddenly snapped into perfect focus.  The champagnes that emerge from this extraterrestrial building are as desperately precise, intricately delicate and flawlessly pristine as its polished interior, revealing the manifesto that defines all that lies within.

A blend of three champagne varieties in roughly equal proportions; 20% reserve wines; 150 parcels from 30 crus; 36-48 months on lees in bottle; 9-10 g/L dosage; bottle code indicates packaging date, with the first digit of denoting the year, and next three digits the day of that year.

Pol Roger's infamous 'White Foil' is an attractive and refreshing aperitif style, as clean, crisp and well constructed as ever.  A sneak preview of the pristine 2008 base on the eve of its release is elegantly refreshing, harmonising lemon, white peach and nectarine purity of fruit and restraint.  Hints of apple and nougat glide over an elegant structure of soft, mineral presence.  The 2007 base has taken on a nutty, creamy persona, accented by subtle spice, showing a little more richness as it approaches the end of its run, yet retaining all of its fresh citrus energy.  While disgorgement dates are not marked on bottles, the packaging date on the carton is about three months after disgorgement.
TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide 2014-2015