Erste + Neue Kalterersee Schiava 2019

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Like all producers in the Alto Adige valley, Esrte+Neue grow a reasonably white variety of grapes from a varying array of altitudes. Schiava (also known as Trollinger and/or Vernatsch further north) is the mainstay, everyday drinking wine for the locals. Its labelled as 'Kalteresee' DOC after the nearby town, Kaltern. Picked off vineyards at around 500m with soils made up of a calcareous, glacial base but also have a small amounts of volcanic porphyry with clay underlay in some sections the harvest time is usually late September.

The other key point is the cool winds from the south that kick in everyday around 3pm have more of an influence at this level than in the lower parts of the valley cooling the afternoon down - these winds are called the  'Ora'. This helps them pick a little later due to the cooling impact of the these winds.

What a treat! This opens to wonderful rose and floral aromas that mingle with wild strawberry and liffted red fruits. The palate is a touch lighter then mid-weight but has so much punch and flavour. There is a nice little bight of tannin that off-sets the juicy red fruits, cranberry, wild berry thing that is gong on. This is such a pretty and crunchy red and so easy to down. Its the perfect warmer weather red if ever we tried one. PWS