Shadowfax Glenfern Chardonnay 2015

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

A single vineyard offering (planted 1986) from Shadowfax. Geez, haven’t they had a wet sail with Matt Harrop at the helm. Interesting to see what happens next as he moves on to Curly Flat. It might be just me, but Glenfern sounds like one of those new suburbs on the outskirts of capital city metropolitan areas. The wine was released in August 2016, but made landfall in a big chardonnay tasting this month (October 2017). The wine sees 10 months in older oak barrels.

Unusual tropical fruit scents, some ripe apple, bread dough aroma, touch of ginger. Juicy in the palate, more tropical fruits, green apple acidity chiming in. Has a softness, ease of drinking, decent length too. The richness is quite surprising, though you wouldn’t say it’s more than medium weight. The finish has a relatively refreshing feel, though the wine overall perhaps lacks some tension and vitality, despite its youth. Still, worthy for a glass or two for sure. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front 2018