Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin 700ml

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Welcome to the booming, dynamic world of Australian craft gin: as recently as five years ago, no one would have dreamed of investing this much money and effort into a gin distillery but, almost overnight, Australians have developed an insatiable thirst for gin and producers are struggling to keep up with demand. One of the great things about Australian gin makers is how many of them are exploring indigenous ingredients. The botanicals (the spices, herbs, fruits and roots that give the spirit its distinctive character during the distillation process) used in old-world gins such as London dry are traditionally juniper (essential if the spirit is to be called gin) and the likes of coriander, star anise, orange.
Poor Tom's works on this base with Australian native botanicals such as indigenous Fins, cubeb, angelica root, cinnamon and cardamom, strawberry gum, and a powder derived from a NSW eucalyptus that smells somewhere between strawberries and freshly mown lawn. After months of trials, with some horrific mistakes (apparently kelp flakes are a terrible gin aromatic) Blumer and Kennedy of Poor Toms admit they're stoked with the result.
Drink over ice, Capi dry tonic and a strawberry to garnish. JACQS PWS