Quiquiriqui Madrecuishe Mescal 700ml

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47% ABV. Agave Madrecuishe is part of the Karwinskii family, which also includes agave Cuishe, Cirial, and Tobasiche. It grows mostly in the drier climates of Oaxaca, and typically takes a tall, cylindrical form. It is harvested at between 14-16 years depending on the area where it grows. Due to the agave's dense core and low water content, mezcal made from Madrecuishe typically has high minerality and freshness with vegetal and floral notes.

QQRQ's Madrecuishe is made by Maestro Mezcalero Natalio Vazquez, at his palenque in El Palmar from wild and semi-wild plantations in Sitio El Palmar, San Luis Amatlán, and Miahuatlán. Semi-wild means that wild seeds are sowed in community or private fields and when transplanted, left to grow, as in the wild. True wild agaves are increasingly scarce and Symonds feels replanting wild seeds represents a more responsible way to enjoy these increasingly rare types of agave. To this end QQRQ re-sow ten times as many seeds as agaves used in their Mezcals. BIBENDUM BAR