Douloufakis Dafnios Vidiano 2018

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
PGI Crete, 100% Vidiano

Vidiano is the undisputed star variety with its lovely discretely perfumed wines leading the way to what may be considered as the modern era of Cretan wine. It expresses a Viognier - like character with a dense core of apricot fruit and a satiny texture, yet there is a lot of crispiness and vivacity.
There are a handful of producers that craft excellent 100% Vidiano wines ( Lyrarakis, Miliarakis, Diamandakis, Silva are some of the names to watch) but the undisputed pioneer is Nikos Douloufakis. He is a firm believer in Vidiano's potential which he planted as early as 2000 introducing a champion variety for the entire island. YIANNIS KARAKASIS MW