Zind Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Roche Roulee 2018

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Damask rose, orange peel and pith and juicy peach make for an attractive combination on the nose of this wine. The palate has gentle sweetness that is countered by pleasant, phenolic bitterness that lends shape to this off-dry, spicy, mellow wine. Yes it is generous, but all that zesty pithiness makes the wine intriguing. The off-dry finish is textured. WINE ENTHUSIAST

This wine is made from all the very old Gewurztraminer vines planted in the Turckheim/Herrenweg vineyards. Some of these vineyards are also located in the richest part of the valley floor, where the gravels are mixed with by richer silt. With deeper roots and richer soils available to them, these vines didn't suffer from drought. The ripeness progressed quickly in 2018. Gewurztraminer is a wine that can surprisingly ferment fast, which is handy, as a higher pH would expose these wines to more problems if the fermentation would last too long. The 2018 grapes were beautiful and healthy.

Bright yellow colour. The nose is classic with an expressive and strong expressive floral character, nice spices, yet delicate and complex. The palate is harmonious, there is a slight roundness well balanced by ripe tannins. Nice length, serious finish with a fresh aftertaste. Beautiful classic Gewurztraminer. ZIND HUMBRECHT