Williams Paola Medina Palo Cortado de Anada 2002 500ml

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
2.9 pH, 6.3 TA, 20% abv. As with the other wines, the fruit source is Pagos AƱina and Carrascal. This wine is from a fruit selection of extremely fine young material which Paola hoped might develop naturally into a Palo Cortado. After 17 years' ageing the wine was finally classifed Palo Cortado in 2018, and this is its first bottling as such.

Extremely fine and silky wine, elegant and mineral. Golden mahogany to look at, complex tobacco-timber-mineral aromas, delicate and subtle in the mouth, the elusive fine-unctuous double nature of Palo Cortado in clear view. Balanced persistence in a really long finish. TSA

*Due to the very nature of this collection, this sherry is limited. Arriving in Australia August 19, 2019