Willie Smiths Organic Apple Cider 330ml

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Based in Tasmania's Huon Valley, a perfect place to grow cider apples, this organic cidery is the first in Australia, and built at the original orchard planted by William Smith in 1888. The style is inspired by Normandy cider and what makes it stand out, apart from the organic fruit, is the way it's made: the juice is fleshed out in French oak, which adds structure and depth, plus it undergoes malolactic fermentation, which converts hard, tart malic acid into the softer, more round-on-the-palate lactic acid. This is rare in cider-making. It's a very complex drink full of citrus and juicy apples; it's spicy and quite gingery, with the oak present but not dominating. A beautiful balance of sweetness and tangy acidity gives this great length. Enjoy with pork rillettes.
JANE FAULKNER, goodfood.com.au