Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos Jebsal VT 2017

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
The Clos Jebsal is the only lieu-dit in Turckheim where the blue clay and gypsum can be found, but it is also the only vineyard name that makes a direct reference to the soil type. 'Jebsal' literally means 'where there is gypsum'! The marl soil is deep and posses a big water retention capacity. This constant humidity in the soil not only allows the vines to resist severe droughts through hot summers, but also allows the development of noble rot with regular exemplarity. Only adverse climate in October could stop the production of these later harvested wines. The Clos is exposed to the south, on a slope from moderate to very steep, helping natural drainage, important on such geology. The grapes ripened perfectly in 2017. The drier condition didn't allow for a huge botrytis development, but a selection was also possible on top of this Vendange Tardive. The maturity is very close to the 12% + 5% potential in residual sugar which seems to be the ideal balance in terms of sweet wine for this vineyard.

Intense gold yellow colour. The nose of the 2017 vintage is pure, showing elegant noble rot character, yet quite discreet, with complex white fruits expression (pear, peach,..) and honey, limetree and acacia flowers… The palate is ample, showing great aromatic ripe character. The texture is round, velvety, soft, almost like the soft touch of the clay in the soil. This high ripeness wine already exhibits a lot of potential in its youth. Of course, full expression will take many years to show up… ZIND HUMBRECHT