Gerard Boulay Sancerre Comtesse 2019

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

This rare bottling comes from just 0.40 hectares of 70-year-old vines in the Comtesse lieu-dit at the chalky epicentre of Les Monts-Damn├ęs.

The pinnacle of Boulay's whites, this is an epic Sancerre. Once again the texture and breadth of the wine illuminate the brilliance of the Kimmeridgian soils. It's so ripe and alluring in a beautifully poised and harmonious way. A thrilling line of acidity runs through layer upon layer of earth, fruit and floral. A taut minerally backbone holds the line and focus that drives the wine and flavours.  Give it some air and it will continue to excite and divulge a little more over time. GABRIELLE POY, PWS