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Ostertag 'The Other Whites' 6 Pack

Ostertag The Other Whites 6 Pack
Selected by Prince Wine & Spirits

THE OTHER WHITES *over 20% discount*
The 2019 pinot gris, pinot blanc and sylvaner are wonderfully varietal and pure. The blanc was fine and crunchy, the gris rich and ripe while the sylvaner was a standout – fresh, savoury and electric. These are a beautiful set of contemporary Alsace wines. Poised and elegant, they beam through the sunny 2019 vintage with a breath of fresh air.

You’ll receive 2 bottles each of the following:

2019 Ostertag ‘Les Jardins’ Pinot Blanc $48
The Pinot Blanc Les Jardins is a blend of six small gardens of vines on three different soil types; clay-silt, marl-sandstone, and a touch of granite. It’s full-bodied and structured Pinot Blanc, yet bone-dry and mouth-watering. It exudes fresh and fruity aromas of yellow peaches and nectarine. A hint of hazelnut comes out with air. The mouth is thick yet lent tension by zesty minerality. It is an easy-pairing wine with food, though it will be at its best with oysters, terrines, white meat or hard-crust cheese ARTHUR OSTERTAG

2019 Ostertag ‘Les Jardins’ Pinot Gris $66
The Pinot Gris Les Jardins is a blend of four small gardens of vines from three different soils; clayey sandstone, loess and schist. The blend is completed by several single-vineyard plots. The result is a fresh and intense Pinot Gris, with a very refined floral and slightly smoky nose, and ripe yellow fruits, citrus fruits and honey. In the mouth the complexity of the soils and the barrel vinification is felt through a combination of full body and vibrant, refreshing personality with an intense mineral structure… it will suit chicken salads, grilled fish and aged cheese but is also a perfect apéritif wine. It has good aging potential (around seven years) but is still best enjoyed in the blossoming character of its youth. ARTHUR OSTERTAG

2019 Ostertag Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes $48
The Sylvaner vines are 30 to 80 years of age, half of the plots are located in single-vineyard sites. It is made from 10 small plots in total with five different soil types; sandstone; clay; marl; granite; and alluvium. They have a deeply established root system which brings a surprisingly rich mineral structure for this variety.
This vintage marks a renewal of the label. The Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes is the totem wine of the Ostertag estate and we take great pleasure in living with this grape variety that is so demanding in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. It is an unloved grape variety that has been subjected to years of intensive production despite the fact that in reality it has all the makings of a great white wine. A small wine will become great! Though it can be kept for several years, it is in the carefree freshness of its first years that it gives the most pleasure. ARTHUR OSTERTAG