A Spanish Summer Tasting 2020

Spain has undergone one the great vinous revolutions of the modern age and is now producing a fantastic array of wines from the many regions that span this vast country. Through the leadership of quality-minded winemakers and an influx of investment the many DO regions are re-emerging with wines of staggering quality and value for money.

Years ago, you would have been a hard pressed to find enough wine other than the most famous and sort after producers and regions. Now we are spoilt for choice. Not only from a plethora of well-established and internationally recognised producers but thankfully a number of smaller growers, young winemakers and producers that are changing the landscape of Spanish wines. Whether bucking the trends or re-invigorating and re-vitalising old traditions and ways of thinking it’s a very exciting time to be drinking wines from this exciting region.

We are now seeing a new love and energy injected into the Spanish wine landscape and its wines, wine-making and vineyards. There is a movement towards dismantling some of the old ideas of what makes Spanish wines. This is leading to many producer working outside the DO laws and regulations while others are re-discovering lost practices, ancient varieties and vineyards. Its an exciting time to be exploring the world of Spanish wines.

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