Allies Assemblage Pinot Noir & Chardonnay 2019

A former chef and sommelier, David Chapman began Allies in 2003 while working at Moorooduc Estate. He makes Pinot Noir, emphasising the diversity of the Mornington Peninsula by making a number of wines sourced from different districts. David spends much of his time in the vineyard, working to ensure well exposed and positioned bunches, to achieve ripe, pure flavours and supple tannins. His winemaking focuses on simple techniques that retain concentration and character: no added yeasts, and no fining or filtration, are standard practices. Production of Allies wines is small and will probably remain that way, given that any expansion will limit the number of vines David can personally tend.

They’ve got a bit of magic dust going on down at Allies wines it would seem. Just about everything they touch seems to turn to gold. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

I fear that I am starting to sound like a broken record as I, yet again, am insanely excited about another incredible value wine. Well actually…two incredible value wines. They both are from the overachieving David Chapman, better known as Chappy, in the trade. I continue to ask myself: “How does he do it?!”

Honestly while I sat down to write about these wines and worked out the pricing my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe the quality for the price. Please, take my word for it: buy a case of these wines. They’re both punching well above their weight and it’s always a good time to have those classic varietals well-stocked in the home cellar.

The 2019 vintage allowed Chappy to make, not only single vineyard Chardonnay, but also Assemblage Chardonnay, which doesn’t always happen. The fruit is a blend of the two single vineyard sites and together create a beautiful balance between zesty fruit and elegant oak. The Pinot Noir is always a winner and makes the top 5 value wines for most of our employees yearly. This vintage is no exception. Both wines will appear in Halliday in August, but our supplier expects to be sold out by then. Funny how that works. You will just have to take my exuberant word for it!

To make things easy on you I’ve created a special MIXED DOZEN pack that saves you 20%. No thinking necessary here as you’ll receive 6 Chardonnay and 6 Pinot Noir for $28 a bottle.