Antoine Olivier 2018 Pre Arrival Offer

While it is undoubtedly thrilling to taste Burgundy’s most important and coveted wines, these days I get just as much pleasure from discovering wines from lesser appellations and producers that remain a bit under the radar. In other words, wines that the average consumer can still find and acquire without taking out a second mortgage. ANTONIO GALLONI

As I said last time we offered these wines, I couldn’t agree more with Galloni’s comments in an article he published last year. Great Burgundy is an obsession of mine, as it is a number of the team here at PWS, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to justify some of the price tags associated with many of the great, iconic, Domaines I love and wish I could afford to drink more regularly.

Part of what makes Burgundy such a remarkable wine region has always been the abundance of beautiful wines of real terroir. Sadly many of those wines have increased in price over the years and now are not necessarily affordable in the context of a great wine to be enjoyed without the guilt of having spent so much money on it.

For quite some time now were on the look out for a producer who delivers wine that offers everything we love in great Burgundy. A producer whose wines display their terroirs and regionality clearly and that are of consistently great quality. Easy right? Well, no, not really. We have been searching for a producer like Antoine Olivier for a long time, tasting broadly and asking questions. Whenever we visit it is always one of the questions you ask the super star producers we taste with “who is out there making great wines that are affordable”. It was along this pathway that we discovered his estate. We tasted a couple of vintages before first deciding to visit the domaine and have now been working with Antoine for a few years now and are still always thrilled at the quality we taste every year.

Antoine Olivier’s wines are the mythical unicorn of Burgundy, they are excellent but they are also inexpensive and accessible. From his home in Santenay he is fashioning something pretty special. They are wines of class, presence and style which sing loudly of their place and don’t shy away from their origins. Antoine talks about how important it is to find the right sites for both his Pinot and Chardonnay. He explains that he was in part lucky that he inherited plenty of great soil but also that he has worked very hard to find the right climats for Chardonnay, which he loves from the area, and has actively acquired vineyards that he wanted to work with.

It isn’t the most romantic wine visit ever I have to say. He is tucked away in his tiny little town and the facility, which is the best term for his winery, is functional and spacious by Burgundian standards. He has a huge fluffy mountain dog of some sort, it plays no part in the quality of the wine but he was just so cute, so I thought it was worth mentioning. We visited Antoine last year and the tasting consisted of his full range of 17s in bottle and those 18s he thought were ready to show. As is usually the case when you visit an estate for the first time we talked a lot about how he started and where he was going. I have to say Antoine is a very ambitious man who has every intention of taking over the wine world one awesome bottle of Santenay at a time. More power to him I say.

So, it is with genuine excitement and pleasure that we offer the third vintage from, what we believe, is one of Burgundy’s truly great and remarkably great value estates. The 2018s from Antoine Olivier. As with previous vintages we have the three whites that most stand out for us and the le Temps des Cerises Rouge, a red that delivers so much upfront pleasure that it is impossible to resist.

We are offering them at a minimum 20% discount in straight six packs. We urge you to give them a try. Those who have purchased them in previous years always come back for more which I think is a sign of the joyous and digestible nature of these wines.