Artuke Rioja 2018

Some of you hopefully remember the Artuke offer from last year – where I outlined the new move in Rioja to vineyard specific wines with real identity lead by a group of young winemakers Rioja ‘n’ Roll.

Rioja ‘n’ Roll, a small group of like-minded winemakers who have banded together to show a more modern approach to things, focusing more on the sub-regions and single sites of Rioja they aim to bring a better understanding of the unique terroir of Spain’s greatest viticultural region to the people. They, like us and most of the wine drinking community, are more interested in origin and demonstrating a sense of place than large, soulless, multi-regional blends. After all terroir is the most exciting thing in the world of wine and Rioja has some of the most incredible sites.

Artuke, one of the Rioja ‘n’ Roll gang, is run by two brothers Arturo and Kike who now have 25 hectares of vines in some extreme corners of Rioja. These are terrific wines, very expressive of their sites and come from very old vines and relatively inexpensive for their quality.

Offered today the four main wines – with the two special wines arriving later in the year – The baby wine is a refreshing Beaujolais like wine made using some carbonic maceration and is new to the offer and the others all 2018’s are the strongest line up yet from this great little producer. ALEX WILCOX