Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir 2019

One of the great-value pinot noirs of the world. NICK STOCK

The long-serving, dedicated team behind Ata Rangi just go from strength to strength. Their Pinots have always been great and yet, even in a world where the Pinot benchmark gets higher very year, Ata Rangi is better than ever. LISA PEROTTI-BROWN MW, The Wine Advocate

Ata Rangi Crimson, best example of Pinot at this price point in the Southern Hemisphere? Yup, I think so, at least it has to be in the top very small handful. That isn’t a new call from me, that is a statement I have been making for years now.

Consistently a sophisticated and polished example of Pinot that over-delivers for its price point. That is quite a feat considering the fickle nature of the variety. I genuinely can’t think of another New World producer who has crafted so many great value examples as Ata Rangi over time.

This year there has been one significant change, there is a new label. I don’t know why. I was very attached to that old label. I am sure there are reasons for it. Fortunately the juice is just as good as we have all come to expect from the wine. I would go so far as to say the last handful of releases have been consistently in the best batch of Crimson so far. Perhaps it’s a vine age thing? Maybe just a growing understanding of the wine. Seasons? All of the above?

Certainly the vintage is regarded as being brilliant with Julian, chief winemaker from Craggy Range, talking about 2019 in the area, say “It’s a fantastic pinot noir year thanks in part to quite a continental influence with warm days, cool nights and a long ripening period. It would sometimes go below zero °C at night then reach 28°C the following day. It was the sort of vintage you dream about.”

Whatever the reason it is a joy to see this wine on such a remarkable roll at the moment. Once again this little gem outshines a lot of wines with much higher price tags attached.

My advice here is to buy as much as you can, drink some over the next little while and, if you are so inclined, stick some away for just a few years as I think it’ll grow even more beautiful with a little time in the bottle.

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