Aussie 2020 Riesling Offer

One of the best vintages we have seen. SAM BARRY

I was kicked in to gear to write this offer when a mate made a comment about how good 2020 was for Riesling in South Aus. As Nick Stock (One of Australia’s most prominent Riesling tragics) said to me “Eden 2020 is a lightning bolt of delicious mate”, admittedly that is a slightly altered version of the original statement which included an expletive that is not suitable for work emails. From what I have seen so far it is a vintage where quality is sensational, the balance of intensity of fruit and that all important kick of Riesling acidity are on show in all their glory.

I believe yields were drastically down in the Clare and this may have helped with the extra dimension of fruit you see in a few of the wines. Sam Barry told me it was “one of the best vintages we have seen” that is a very big call from a guy who doesn’t tend to exaggerate or make statements like that.
It is no secret that Prince Wine Store is staffed, and owned, by Riesling geeks, so when a great vintage like this comes along there is a genuine sense of excitement around the place. We all love the stuff and we all drink lots of it.
Riesling remains this country’s great white variety. Everyone has heard the rants about how insanely good the best examples are and how they are insanely good value for the quality they deliver and the prices we pay for them. Nowhere else in the world that I can think of are wines of this calibre produced so consistently and are so inexpensive. It remains one of life’s great mysteries for me, why doesn’t everyone buy these wines up in bulk for the fridge and the cellar? Why are they still so cheap?
I began compiling a list of things to offer as we tasted through a bunch of wines. This will likely be the first 2020 Riesling offer in a series as things become available and we taste more. The list is a bit of a who’s who of classic South Australian Riesling. I hadn’t planned it that way, it was just the highlights of what we have seen so far, and man are they good. Every single wine in this list is great, everyone of them deserves your attention. All of these are capable of growing gracefully in the bottle for extended periods but many also have plenty of immediate pleasure to offer up.
Something great had to come out of 2020 and what could be better than Riesling? You will be able to open these over any period of time and look back at 2020 and think back to what a year it has been and drink something brilliant that has come out of one of the most unusual years. The offer includes Clos Clare, Jim Barry, O’Leary Walker, Pewsey Vale, Pikes and Vickery.
I don’t know what else to say, this is a genuinely extraordinary bracket of wines and everyone should buy them in large quantities to drink or cellar or both.
I will make one quick point, there is only one wine without a third party review, the Vickery. It is super and for those who aren’t familiar with the story of Dr Vickery, he is basically the Riesling guru and one of the most respected proponents of the variety and style in Australia.