Bannockburn Offer - Aussie Classics

The late Stuart Hooper had a deep love for the wines of Burgundy, and was able to drink the best. When he established Bannockburn, it was inevitable that pinot noir and chardonnay would form the major part of the plantings…Bannockburn is still owned by members of the Hooper family, who continue to respect Stuart’s strong belief in making wines that reflect the flavours of the (certified organic) vineyard. JAMES HALLIDAY

“…Bannockburn produces outstanding wines across the range, all with individuality, style, great complexity and depth of flavour. The low-yielding estate vineyards play their role. JAMES HALLIDAY

Bannockburn are classic Aussie wines. Born from the volcanic soils of the Bannockburn Vineyards, they sit on the mantlepiece amongst our other Australian iconic wines, very deserved for that place with this new set of releases.

Still in the hands of the founding family the Hoopers, a new perspective has arisen in the winery with Matt Holmes taking over winemaking duties in 2015.  As the current caretaker of this prestigious estate, his thoughtful approach carries across to the wines. They’re interwoven with detail and nuance and their bold fruit spectrum is a delight.

The chardonnays are perfumed and deliciously ripe while the pinots are heady and silken. The founder, Stuart Hooper was a purist and Burgundy lover, his uncompromising approach upon establishing the vineyards is clear in the luminous quality of these wines. To add to this, organic farming has been adopted in more recent years, taking the fruit clarity to even greater heights.

These are a charming release of wines. They stay true to their Bannockburn roots, but they have also been injected with vigour and detail. Sappy whole bunch tones and spicy oak play their part wonderfully, never vying for the lead. While they’ll cellar well, their immediacy is welcoming.