Bernard Baudry 2019 Offer

While they are sometimes labelled traditionalists, I find them to be more naturalists. Everything here is organic, harvested by hand and bottled without fining or filtration. In any case, theirs is a style that I admire: they make cabernet franc taste as suave and succulent as pinot noir. JOEL B. PAYNE, Vinous

Bernard Baudry is, here and now, one of the leading domaines of the appellation. Some would say the leading domaine of the appellation. The wines are of exceptionally high quality… CHRIS KISSACK, The Wine Doctor

Bernard Baudry is undoubtedly a reference point for brilliant traditionally styled Chinon. This organic estate’s stripped back approach to winemaking yields deep and expressive renditions of Cabernet Franc that at its very best, like the wines in today’s offer, deliver wonderfully perfumed wines with undestated power, complexity and a sinewy structure.

Tasting these wines this week their energy and charm were immediate. Their rose, which hasn’t been available in Australia since 2016, is delicate and delightful on the nose but vivacious on the palate weaving together classic red fruit characters with Campari bitterness and mineral flecked acidity. Les Granges, their bistro wine list no brainer, is sappy and bright on the nose but once you get it past the lips it is packed full of swathes of exuberant dark red and purple fruits and a puff of powdery tannins.

Things change gear with the 2017 Le Domaine, one of a multitude of single site offerings to come out of the estate. This wine comes predominately from a higher site with sandy limestone rich soils, as opposed to the Les Grange which is from vines planted in alluvial soils down by the river. The nose delivers that wonderful earthy character you get from great Chinon and once you roll it around your tongue you get a wonderful interplay of smoked sausage, turned earth and black fruits sprinkled with pops of aniseed. It’s darker and more brooding than than the exultant Les Grange. Fantastic.

It is worth noting here too that while these wines a number of years back were showing plenty of rusticity and barnyard charm, this year’s line-up is immaculate and pristine. You would honestly struggle to find better examples of Chinon out in the market today and Matthieu Baudry has got these wines are firing on all cylinders.