Bloody Hill Villages Offer 2021

Right in a zone of complexity and drinkability, MIKE BENNIE

Rivar Ferguson-Mayer grew up around wine both in Australia and Germany. After completing a science degree in geospatial (‘fancy word for land surveying’ says Rivar) he came back to Bloody Hill and worked alongside his dad Timo.

Timo Mayer is one of Australia’s great winemakers who pushes for wines that are not overly made by the winemaker. His jovial and cheeky front can lead you astray, but then you taste his wines and their vibrancy, texture and depth imprint your palate and capture your attention. He’s captured the attention of Jancis Robinson and a few other critics over the years.

Only his second vintage under his label ‘Bloody Hill Villages’, Rivar has made a line-up of wines that stay true to their variety and birthplace while also capturing a frenetic edge. They’re delicious and exciting and very affordable. These are the mid-week wines you want to reach for when you need a glass of wine that can both comfort and excite you at the same time. Their honesty is illuminating.

Through family connections, he has sourced some excellent grape sources throughout ‘the valley.’  His chardonnay comes from the Coldstream, offering a riper spectrum of fruit that is harnessed with Rivar’s winemaking. The shiraz is also from Coldstream while the pinot is the first to be made from three-year-old vines Rivar planted on Bloody Hill. It appears he’s here for the long haul, and you should be happy about that. We are.

Today we’re offering his pinot, chardonnay and syrah – the top three plantings of the Yarra Valley (cabernet coming in a close fourth). Mike Bennie remarked that the chardonnay ‘is a very good wine,’ and on the previous vintage of syrah he said ‘…really delicious, come-hither style right in a zone of complexity and drinkability…’  This is a really delicious introduction to the wines of Rivar Ferguson-Mayer. They won’t change your life, but they’ll make your night.

They’ve just been released and as a very small producer, there isn’t a lot to go ’round. Buy a dozen, these won’t last long. We’ve sharpened the prices for two weeks (though they’ll probably be snapped up before then). And if you’d like to dip your toes we’ve put together a Mixed Six Pack for $180.