Bordeaux pre arrival 2017

In many cases, the 2017s are built on an axis of persistence and length, rather than textural opulence. Red-toned fruit and lifted, floral aromatics are typical. Alcohols are a bit lower than they have been in the recent past. Stylistically, the 2017s are reminiscent of the 2014s, but with a bit more flesh. In some cases, the 2017s come across as smaller-scaled and more accessible versions of the 2015s. ANTONIO GALLONI

Bordeaux 2017 pre arrival offer. The wines are bottled and will be on their way soon.

The story of Bordeaux 2017 really began during EP for the 2016 releases. Bordeaux, like the rest of France was struck by three consecutive days of frost in late spring which devastated the vines, and in some cases, led to the total loss of crop for estates. Overall Bordeaux yields were reduced by 80% of normal. However, to borrow from Will Hargrove, the frost in 2017 was a snob. The best terroirs of the right bank were spared, and the communes of Saint-Estephe, Saint-Julien and Pauillac – in other words those closest to the moderating effects of the river Gironde. It seems that in Bordeaux, as everywhere, terroir does matter! It is also an outstanding vintage for Sauternes and Bordeaux Blanc.

Following the huge success of the 2015 and 2016 vintages Bordeaux experienced something of a re-calibration with 2017 having dropped their prices around 10-20%. This is good news for Bordeaux collectors as prices remain competitive.

I have attached the vintage reports from both Antonio Galloni and Neal Martin on the website from 2018 but there will be new reviews coming out soon – but in summary, the wines represent a more demure and understated set of wine compared to the 2015 or 2016s. The fruit that has been handled beautifully and the wines have a purity and transparency that is super attractive.

Moreover, we know the better terroirs produced excellent wines which are affordably priced and will drink in the medium term while the longer lived 2015, 2016 and 2018’s cellar.

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