Brian Hirst Decanters

Please note – due to very high demand orders may take up to 8 weeks as Brian is working hard to fill them all


‘A mysterious mix of historical and cultural references converge in the beguiling works of Sydney-based glass artist and printmaker Brian Hirst.’ HINCHY,

‘With designs inspired by the ‘asymmetrical shape, the organic feeling’ and an old fashioned big electrical bulb and the ergonomics of a bowling ball’ these hand-blown glass decanters by Sydney’s Brian Hirst, designed with the help of 121BC’s Giorgio de Maria, are adorning the tables of many a thirsty taste-maker.’


Australian glass artist and printmaker, Brian Hirst creates some of the most visual and tactile wine decanters. Brian’s standing in the art world is revered – his pieces are exhibited throughout the world, including galleries in Sydney, New York and Paris – in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

His interest in functional design has led to the creation of charismatic and stunning decanters which we’re offering today.  These are fluid yet functional designs, beautiful to hold and use.

Made in small runs, no mould is used so each decanter may differ a little. They are individually different and each piece is signed by Brian. If you were lucky enough to dine at ‘Noma Down Under’ when they were in town, you would have seen these objects of beauty with bellies of wine.

Production is very limited – please note your order may take up to four weeks as Brian is a one-man show. Here’s your chance to grab one of his pieces of art.

We’re offering 15% off Brian Hirst Decanters for two weeks. Payment will be taken upon ordering, and please be aware there is a four to eight week wait time for your decanter to be made. Each design below is available in a 750ml bottle or a 1500ml magnum size. View the full range here or scroll down to view them individually.