Buisson Battault 2018 Release

Buisson Battault Meursault 2018s – Under the radar super star remains super value

Domaine Buisson-Battault are consistent producers of first class Burgundy. Made by traditional methods, these wines really express the true characteristics of the region. Both 1er Cru Meursaults are exceptional wines, the Goutte d’Or, a heady opulent wine enriched with spicy notes, and Les Poruzots, with an abundance of ripe fruit and majestic firm structure. JASPER MORRIS MW

Mother Nature and the magical terroirs of Burgundy sometime cooperate in the most mysterious ways to produce genuinely remarkable results. 2018 would be one of those sometimes because no one, or at least no one that I spoke to, expected the whites to be anywhere near as good as they are…. most are fresh, vibrant, delicious and reflective of their individual terroirs. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that 2018 is one of the most surprising white Burgundy vintages in quite some time. BURGHOUND

This has become one of our most anticipated releases every year, and justifiably so, the wines are super. They also remain remarkably well priced for the quality and calibre being produced here. Combined with the fact that they are accessible still has led to Battault’s wines garnering a very strong following over the years. In some ways it is very rewarding for us, as we believed in these wines from the outset, but it took a few years to really get the message across to people and today they sell out. For the quality versus value equation these are hard to beat.

To recap the story, we were introduced to the domaine by none other than white burgundy hall of famer Jean-Marc Roulot, Michael asked him who we should look at in the town that was making top-flight wines. When the great man makes a suggestion like that, you follow up on it. Francois isn’t overly fond of the critics and wine reviewers, which may be why his wines fly under the radar, but as he says “he sells out every year easily”, so I guess he doesn’t have to worry. Certainly once you know about them you begin to realise that they are on a lot of the best wine lists around France and elsewhere.

He does let people taste and I think the comments from Jasper Morris, arguably the most knowledgeable writer on Burgundy, sum up our thoughts pretty well. These are genuinely first rate Meursault that are as good as any of the more famous domaines and, in our honest opinion outshine a number of them regularly.

With the 18s having just arrived we are all rather excited. He is as safe a bet as you are likely to find but it’s a very satisfying experience to open these wines here in Australia and see them absolutely hum.

All the great parts of 2018 are on full display here. There is density, flesh, intensity of fruit, weight and power as well as a solid dollop of minerality and lovely freshness. It’s another great bracket from our quiet friend in Meursault.

One last point to make here, all of the Battault wines are Meursault based, so even his Bourgogne could be bottled as Meursault if he wanted. His village wine consists of some great lieux-dits. He also has prime holdings in his Crus and that quality of terroir really sings in this release, each being unerringly true to its terroir. These are up there with some of the better 18s I have seen to date, with special mention of the Village VV which is the best incarnation of this we have seen so far.