Buisson Battault Release 2020

Domaine Buisson-Battault are consistent producers of first class Burgundy. Made by traditional methods, these wines really express the true characteristics of the region. Both 1er Cru Meursaults are exceptional wines, the Goutte d’Or, a heady opulent wine enriched with spicy notes, and Les Poruzots, with an abundance of ripe fruit and majestic firm structure. JASPER MORRIS MW

I would like to open with an explanation. As with a few other brands in our portfolio we have decided to include the wines of Buisson Battault in the new pricing structure which effectively halves the prices of the wines to our customers. It has been achieved with some support from them and a reduced margin for us. We genuinely love these wines (along with the five other brands in this new pricing structure) but have found that they had perhaps struggled at their original price.

As explained by Michael in his Burguet offer this pricing was applied to current stocks and upcoming vintages. This is the first of the new arrivals of these brands and it is something to really get excited about. Michael, Alex, myself and the crew at PWS have been pushing these wines hard for some years now and are constantly amazed that they remain, comparatively undervalued here.

To recap the story we were introduced to the domaine by none other than white burgundy hall of famer Jean-Marc Roulot when Michael asked him who we should look at in the town who was making top flight wines. When the great man makes a suggestion like that you follow up on it. Francois isn’t overly fond of the critics and wine reviewers, which may be why his wines fly under the radar, but as he says “he sells out every year easily” so I guess he doesn’t have to worry. Certainly once you know about them you begin to realise that they are on a lot of the best wine lists around France and elsewhere.

He does let people taste and I think the comments from Jasper Morris, arguably the most knowledgeable writer on Burgundy, sum up our thoughts pretty well. These are genuinely first rate Meursault that are as good as any of the more famous domaines and, in our honest opinion outshine a number of them regularly.

We have been importing Francois Buisson’s wines for a number of vintages now and have been lucky enough to taste with him a couple of times. When tasting his 17s in bottle at the domaine there was clearly a bit of a spring in the gentleman’s step as he opened and poured them for us, smiling, actually it was more of a smug smirk than a smile.

My previous encounter with him had been more sombre and he certainly wasn’t as jovial as he appeared this time. Either he was warming to us or he had something to be excited about in the bottle. It was the later…. Maybe a little of both but with his lack of english and our abysmal French it’s really hard to say.

I can tell you this though, his 2017s are up there with the best we tasted on that trip, better than a lot I have seen since.

Right down to his Bourgogne there is noticeable minerality and they clearly demonstrate the salinity which is so present in the best of the year. The Meursault VV has extract and density that is well beyond what you can reasonably expect to find regularly in a Village cuvee and the Crus are super.

With this new pricing, and with the quality of his 2017s, these are incredible value and should not be missed by anyone who loves Meursault, or just great wine in general.