Ca Del Bosco Promotion

Franciacorta is the doyenne of Italian sparkling. Only the best Italian bubbles bear this coveted title. It means the wine comes from the region of Franciacorta in Lombardy, Italy. It also decrees the wine has been made to stringent guidelines – just like Champagne.

Ca’ del Bosco sits at the pinnacle of Franciacorta. Their scrupulous attention to detail has led to the creation of their method of production, Metodo Ca’ del Bosco.  As a result, low levels of sulphur are used as the quality of fruit is pristine – bringing transparency to the wines.

The bubbles of Ca’ del Bosco are pure and primal – their intensity and ultra-fine bead simply breathtaking. A nervy thread of acidity is wrapped in layers of hazelnuts and brioche tones. Its dry nature relies on fruit ripeness rather than the addition of sugar- not an easy feat to achieve.

This non-vintage wine is meticulously made from 134 parcels of wine. Each plot’s fermented separately, leaving the chef du cave the painstaking decision to create the final blend. A belly of richness and texture is a highlight – thanks to 28 months of lees aging, while the addition of 20% reserve wine adds depth and nuance.

A blend of three grapes, chardonnay takes the lead with pinot noir and pinot bianco supporting. Lombardy sits beneath the foothills of the Swiss Alps, crisp and frigid nights are tempered by local lakes, creating a conducive microclimate for sparkling production.

If you like your bubbles silky with a vibrant savoury edge and a touch of richness then this is for you. And better still it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We’re currently offering a 20% discount on the 750ml. And more if you buy it in a six-pack. A perfect wine for entertaining friends and family over summer.