Cantine Pra Soave Classico Otto 2020

I find both the red and white wines of Pra to always be a standout in tastings. There’s an unmistakable level of freshness and saline-minerality that runs through the entire portfolio and sets these wines apart. ERIC GUIDO, 2021

In my opinion one of Veneto’s two best Soave producers, Graziano Prà has been busy restructuring a century old estate in Monte Bisson (there’s an old watchtower that dates back to the fourteenth century), in front of the castle of Soave, that he bought in 2015 (fourteen hectares large, seven of which are under vine). IAN D’AGATA, 2019

Graziano Prà’s wines offer possibly the best example of what the terroir of Monteforte d’Alpone can deliver. The highly black volcanic soils give wines that are mineral yet powerful, but Prà is especially adept at ensuring the wines also showcase a remarkable degree of finesse. IAN D’AGATA

Prà is one of the few producers who excels with both Soave and Amarone, which is quite rare. The Soaves are generally tense wines of structure and energy… Within the context of Veneto wines, Prà remains under the radar and deserving of wider recognition. ANTONIO GALLONI

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Pra makes some of the most enjoyable whites in Italy and, certainly, some of the most compelling Soave produced.

Otto, named for the owners puppy, continues to set the pace in the region for what is possible in the Classico appellation in terms of quality. It also sets the tone for many producers in terms of style. The classic richness and textural impact of the variety and region is on full display but at Cantine Pra that is met with minerality and nervy energy. Something that sets them apart from so many others in the area.

Each and every year this wine represents one of the best value white propositions on the market! The 2020 which I just tasted will do nothing to change my mind on that statement. As Ian D’Agata, of Vinous Media, mentioned in 2019 “In my opinion, this wine is one of the top ten best buys in white wine that Italy offers just about every year” which I couldn’t agree with more. It is another absolute belter from the team at Pra this year.