Charvin Cotes du Rhone Le Poutet 2019

One of the best buys out there has to be his Cotes du Rhone. JEB DUNNUCK

Made with whole clusters, fermented and raised entirely in large concrete tanks, the ebullient and ever-curious Laurent Charvin’s wines are always some of the most elegant, highly perfumed and pure wines of the appellation. At the same time, they are reliably deep in flavour and balanced to age, despite their suave, upfront appeal. JOSH RAYNOLDS

After tasting more than 1,300 wines for this year’s Rhône vintage report, Matt Walls says 2019 is a powerful, ripe vintage showcasing a step-up in quality from 2018
tasting the wines in October, my expectations were confounded; 2019 is a powerful, ripe vintage, but in places it’s thrillingly vibrant. Some winemakers I spoke to in the Southern Rhône even put the 2019s on a par with the stunning 2016s and 2010s. DECANTER

*Ahem* so, that time of the year again. I always struggle with how to open this offer. Here we go.

Charvin Cotes du Rhone is perpetually one of the best value red wines being made in France. I don’t know how they do it (well, I kind of do, but it’s a turn of phrase and you know what I mean) but every year this thing just delivers the goods. Obviously there is vintage variation and some years are different degrees of excellent, but I haven’t tasted a dud in all the years I have been drinking it.

Do I taste the thing with some preconceived notion of quality that tinges my view on the wine? Probably! I taste a lot of wine that I have loved for years and if it doesn’t hold up on a vintage then we don’t offer it. There is a lot more of that going on than people probably realise. The thing is that even if I do see it through rose tinted glasses it is because the consistently superb quality of Charvin’s Cotes du Rhone has put it in the context of one of my favourite value releases every year. I am just as thorough and just as critical, but once all that boring stuff is done and I can sit back and enjoy the wine then I appreciate what a remarkable stretch Le Poutet has had over more than a decade now.

Anyway, the 2019 is great. It’s like a big cuddle from an old friend. The perfect companion to many occasions and an ideal mid week couch wine. Equally at home with serious, and seriously hearty food, as it is being slurped and swirled mid conversation between friends. Built for enjoyment but, as many of our customers can attest to, serious enough to cellar for a few years as well.

There is no downside to this offer. The quality you get for the price of this wine is just crazy. Buy up. Buy lots. Buy some for home. Buy some for the cellar. Buy some for your friends.

We are offering the wine with more than 20% discount in straight dozens or six packs.