Chateau Montravel Chateau M new release

A hidden castle, a lost vineyard and spectacular rebirth.

Chateau Montravel is in the wine region of Bergerc a short drive east of St Emillion in Bordeaux – This famous historic property gives it’s name to the local subregion of Montravel located between the eastern side of St Emillion and Castillon along the Dordogne Valley.

The first Chateau de Montravel dates back to the 100 year war,  a series of conflicts between Plantagenet rulers of England and the Valois, rulers of the kingdom of France. Both families trying to secure the French Crown. In 1453 the English are ousted and Chateau Montravel is erected – A protestant stronghold Chateau Montrvel and the neighbouring village of Moncaret is destroyed during the religious wars in France during the 17th Century.

Rebulilt in the 18th century the Chateau is well regarded producer of wine giving its name to the appellation Montravel, a sub zone of Bergerac. In the 19th Century the then owner sells of the vineyard but keeps the Chateau.

In 2008 Philippe and Anne Blandinieres purchase the Chateau and in 2011 Phillip’s dream of restoring wine to the Chateau are realised with the first release of Semillon from and old vineyard in the Dordogne Valley. This is garageist winesmaking in a true sense of the word – 2.5 hectare of vines and the wines are made it what was the Chateau’s old garage. The vines are located on a special limestone plateau – the wines are labelled Vin Du France for as single varietal expressions they do not meet the AOC Montravel requirement of being a blend.

Made with utmost care and attention to details there are two of the most exciting wines we have seen from this region.

Alex Wilcox