Chidaine Argile 2018

François Chidaine is one of my favorite winemakers in the world. There are times when I can imagine drinking only his wines for the rest of my life. PETER LIEM

Chidaine is one of the world’s finest craftsmen in the medium of white wine, not to mention a continuing source of amazing value. DAVID SCHILDERKNICHT,

The Pope of Montlouis and Vouvray- just sublimely a great producer. He knows his vineyards better than anyone, and he styles his cuvees to the contours of each vineyard…it’s a classic and very honest way of making wine old-school style…the wines are pure and clean, yet profoundly expressive. And they’re still phenomenal values..’ RAJAT PARR, The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste


The wines of Chidaine are pure and evocative whites. They fuse the laser-sharp acidity of their cool Loire origins and limestone soils with the richness of ripe chenin blanc. In the hands of Chidaine, his bare-bones approach in the winery results in brilliant wines that illuminate the finest gradations of sites.

Chidaine are masters of making an array of Chenins linked to their soil types. With vineyards in Montlouis and just across the river in Vouvray, both share the local tuffeau limestone. This limestone injects laser-like acidity and tension into their wines. Combined with the different top soils – many a variation on clay – the personalities of each wine is quite boggling and a very enjoyable exploration.

This Argile Vouvray bottling comes from 40-year-old bush vines grown on deep clay-rich soils (argile means clay). With the undertow of tuffeau soils, Chidaine has crafted a gloriously dry chenin with breadth and richness and a cleansing sweep of acidity to finish. There’s also a lovely wet stone and pithy bite on the finish, rounding out the wine and adding another dimension.

In 2018, the sun has loaded up this Vouvray with extra layers and cushioned the core. Its immediacy is utterly delicious. Pure and primal fruit flavours are at the centre of this wine, it comes as no surprise that Chidaine has long been a protagonist of organics and biodynamics.

Production is tiny at the humble Chidaine estate. We have a small parcel of the 2018 Argile to offer. Buy it in a 6 pack for the best bottle price. These will age beautifully, but please try a bottle now and I think you’ll have a hard time resisting the rest over the next little while.

Single bottles attract a 15% discount and 6 packs have 20%. We don’t have a lot, so please don’t hesitate if you’d like some.