Correggia Offer - Illuminating Roero Reds

It’s impossible to understand Roero without talking about Matteo Correggia; the first who believed in the potential of this land so beautiful and vast. Matteo’s vision continues on, with constant sacrifice from his wife Ornella Costa and their enduring enologist Luca Rostagno. Today it’s time for Giovanni, Matteo’s son, to take hold of the reigns. SLOW WINE ITALY GUIDE 2021

Although Roero is stylistically lighter than Barolo or Barbaresco, Correggia has been the region’s overachiever for years, and the wines are certainly good value for money. WALTER SPELLER

I have been drinking the Correggia wines since my student days, and have rarely been disappointed, especially at the entry-level, where so many of these wines also deliver fabulous value. ANTONIO GALLONI

Future bright, legacy intact, pioneer producer and still top of the tree in the burgeoning Roero zone. MICHAEL MCNAMARA

Top Barolos and Barbarescos are expensive. They also demand some cellar time to calm their strict demeanours. But the beauty of nebbiolo is hard to resist once you’ve tasted a great one. Rarely do they reveal their hand on the first sip. They’re a delightful tease armed with potency and power.

But what if you didn’t have to pay top dollar or wait years to enjoy an elegant nebbiolo from one of Italy’s best? If you look beyond Barolo and Barbaresco there are some excellent alternatives from regions such as Ghemme, Gattinara, Langhe and Roero.

It can be a minefield though, so you need to know your producer. And Matteo Correggia is an illuminating light within Roero. Nestled within Piedmont, Roero is a bucolic region, just north of Barolo. Its landscape more open and rolling than its prestigious neighbour. There’s less drama to the region which is beautifully captured in their pretence-free wines. The soils are younger and sandier, flecked with marine sediments and the wines are particularly fresh and lively.

The wines of Matteo Correggia provide a delicious immediacy, yet their thoughtful composure still takes you on a treasure hunt. A sip inspires the next, inducing both excitement and content. It’s clear to see how Correggia is considered one of Piedmonte’s best. They are amongst our favourite here at PWS year in year out. The Roero Nebbiolo is the bottle you reach for as a mid-week treat when the cold is settling in and you have something comforting on the stove.

Just to recap the story of Correggia if you’re new to the wines. Tragically Matteo was killed in a tractor accident in 2001 at the age of 39. A humble hardworking visionary, his absence was heavily felt throughout Roero and beyond. Matteo was a peer amongst Piedmont’s winemaking elite. He focussed on nebbiolo and barbera in a region where everyone else was fixed on the white grape, arneis.

But instead of stagnating, his resilient wife Ornella with help from friends, propelled the wines of Matteo Correggia to even greater heights. These are captivating Roero wines, showcasing headiness and excitement on the nose combined with approachability and purity on the palate. She is now flanked by her children Giovanni and Brigitta to carry on their father’s vision.

The vines are worked organically, producing wines with a heart full of flavour framed with delicacy. And with the new generation stepping in, there is a clear willingness to pull back on oak bringing more clarity and intensity to the wines. Michael sums it up succinctly ‘future bright, legacy intact, pioneer producer and still top of the tree in the burgeoning zone.’

This offer highlights three of their reds; their humble yet heroic 2017 Roero Nebbiolo and two single-site wines; 2017 Marun Barbera and the 2016 Val dei Preti Nebbiolo.
The 2017 Roero Nebbiolo punches well above its weight for $35 in a 6 pack buy. This wine is one of the gems of the estate as it is so delicious and affordable.

The single vineyard 2017 Barbera Marun comes from prized vines 45 – 65 years old….. Galloni raves about the previous vintage …dark, plush and sensual, it simply exudes class.. Unctuous yet medium in body… All the elements fuse together in a Barbera of real distinction and total pleasure.

And the jewel of the crown is the 2016 La Val dei Preti single vineyard nebbiolo from their oldest vines. Located on the hill just behind their house, these 85 year old vines on sandy soils create an intoxicating wine of depth and structure with an underlying tow of freshness. This ages beautifully but is also a pleasure to drink in its youth.

These are three warming winter reds packed with charisma that showcase their sandy soil origins. Serve them with a hearty dish as they have the structure and freshness to handle richness.